David Harris
David Harris
Development and Production Executive

David Harris makes short form, TV and feature films and has a good time doing it.


Hi, I’m David Harris


I’m the SVP of Development & Production at Gunpowder & Sky where I’ve made so much fun, boundary-pushing stuff, including a dumb, dangerous action show, a goofy breakdancing-karate series, a Memphis-based roast show and a sex explainer series. I’m working on a trans conversion camp horror movie, a female-led spin on the high school party flick and some very fun, strange, boundary pushing shows from a select group of visionary creators. Before G&S I was at MTV (other) where I made some really fun cartoons, a series of beautiful music videos for beautiful bands starring beautiful people you know about. I made digital series which went to TV and movie-like experiences for digital platforms. And while I did both of these jobs, I helped Amy Adrion produce her powerful, important documentary, HALF THE PICTURE. When I’m not doing these kinds of things I’m hanging out with my family & friends, cooking, doing some form of exercise or getting tattoos. I am addicted to Martha Stewart Living magazine. That’s me in a nutshell.